How It Works

Selling your home? Need to sell your personal property?

We can help!  We conduct estate and moving sales on-site to liquidate personal property.

We strive to sell your property at a fair market value and to get you the highest value possible.

Here's how it works:


Contact Bluestem for a free consultation.  We will come to your home to discuss your needs and determine whether an estate sale is the best method to help you meet your goals.


We will work with you to plan appropriate dates for a sale (anywhere from a 1-3 day sale) and complete a contract with you. We require that you not be present and living in the home during the sale.  We stage the home and property in the best way to display your items for sale and it is not in "livable" condition for occupants.  During this time Bluestem will do research on items to determine selling prices, take photos, set up marketing and advertising and work closely with you to plan how to dispose of items left unsold.


Once you have turned over your home to us, we work quickly to uncover property from all rooms, boxes and storage areas and then display all the items.  We will stage your home to highlight key pieces for sale and unique items.  After everything is staged we will price all the items in the home.  Our sale tags and posted policies and information are printed and displayed in a professional manner.  


Doors will be opened to the public after the sale has been advertised.  Typically sales are 1-3 days in length and usually in the Thursday through Sunday time frame.  Hours are typically 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.   Again, it is strongly suggested that you are not present during the sale.  We understand that selling of personal property may be very emotional and it is in your best interest to let us manage the sale for you.  During the sale multiple team members are on-site to conduct the sale.  Customers are informed of sale procedures upon entrance to the home and if there are areas not available to the public.  They will be clearly marked.


Once the sale is over all of the remaining items will be disposed of according to your predetermined wishes.  We have regular donation organizations that we work with but can also use other agencies at your request.  If a dumpster is required to dispose of trash we will arrange for its delivery and pick up.   You will receive a check within two week of the sale once we have ensured accuracy of our records.

Every sale offers fun and unique finds!
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Every sale offers fun and unique finds! Follow us on Facebook - CLICK ON PHOTO